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Foundations Reading Readiness
Early Childhood Literacy Instruction  - Spring 2022 Registration Now Open


Classes meet 2 times per week for 13 weeks during the fall session and 16 weeks during the spring session.  The goal of Foundations Reading Readiness is to lay a strong foundation of essential early literacy skills in young learners.  Learners will receive explicit, systematic, multi-sensory research-based instruction in the areas of alphabet knowledge, phonological and phonemic awareness, handwriting and letter:sound correspondence.  Modeled writing and the use of emergent readers, will facilitate the development of print awareness, as well as provide early exposure to select high frequency words.  Learners will further be exposed to a variety of children's literature, as instructors lead discussion and activities that target oral language and social-emotional development, as well as critical thinking skills.  Targeting children ages 4-5, taking into consideration developmental level and readiness of the child.  This class is a great supplement to a half day, play-based or Montessori early childhood program, as well as for children being homeschooled.  

Customized Individual and Small Group Literacy and Social Problem Solving Skills Lessons

Please contact us to discuss your child's unique needs.
2021-2022 school year registration is now closed, as o
ur schedule is currently full.