Early Childhood Literacy Camp

Summer 2022

Registration will open in January 2022

Weekly Sessions
Monday-Friday, 9:00-12:00
Weekly Rate: $400 per session
For students entering Pre-K  through 1st Grade
*Enrollment is limited to 12 students per session (6:1 teacher-student ratio)

What is Early Childhood Literacy Camp All About?
At Foundations, we believe in laying a strong foundation for literacy and social-emotional success, while also growing a love of learning.  Learning in early childhood should be an adventure! Children learn through rich experiences, discovery and play.  This educational camp will address all developmental domains through fun literature-based themes and hands-on learning experiences, with an emphasis on reading readiness skills and social-emotional awareness.  
Explicit, systematic, research-based individualized instruction is unique to this program, and will be provided in the areas of alphabet knowledge, phonological and phonemic awareness, handwriting and sound/symbol relationships.  The use of emergent readers will facilitate the development of print awareness and provide early exposure to high frequency words.  Children who are ready to move beyond basic letter-sound relationships, will receive further decoding instruction based on his/her level of readiness. 
Learners will further be exposed to a variety of rich children's literature and modeled writing and dictation experiences, as instructors lead discussion and activities that target oral and written language development, as well as critical thinking skills.  Children will further be exposed to mathematics concepts in fun and meaningful ways. 
This camp is targeting children entering Pre-K through 1st grade, taking into consideration developmental readiness.  Teachers are trained in the Orton-Gillingham approach to reading instruction through the Neuhaus Education Center; therefore they are also equipped to meet the needs of young learners identified with dyslexia. 
Prior to camp, parents of registered students will be asked to complete an informal reading readiness inventory.  This information will facilitate the development of individualized literacy instruction for your child.