Sarah Baker Suminski, MA

Sarah Baker Suminski is the mother of two children and a long time volunteer in the community.  She currently works independently as a teacher providing small group and individualized literacy instruction, dyslexia intervention and social skills training and coaching to children in the community, laying the foundation for literacy and social emotional success. 

As a certified general and special education teacher, as well as a Licensed Specialist in School Psychology, Ms. Suminski has over twenty years of experience providing direct support to children and young adults ages 3-22, as well as providing consultation and training to their parents and teachers.

No matter what professional hat she is wearing, Ms. Suminski considers herself, first and foremost, a teacher.  She is highly experienced in the area of reading and writing instruction.  Her extensive training includes Orton-Gillingham instruction through the Neuhaus Education Center (Basic Language Skills; Concepts in Literacy), Reading Readiness, the science of reading and early literacy instruction, developing meta-cognitive skills, Social Thinking and Handwriting Without Tears.  In addition to literacy foundational skills and intervention, early childhood education is of particular interest to Ms. Suminski, as it is an amazing opportunity to set the stage for success and to cultivate a love for learning.