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School Hours

Monday - Friday

8:00 - 2:00


Bellaire United Methodist Church

4417 Bellaire Blvd.

Bellaire, Texas 77401


Kinder literacy and mathematics curriculum; science and engineering; social studies; social-emotional-spiritual education


Partnership with Nature Discovery Center

Community Service Projects

Music and Movement


At Foundations, we believe in laying a strong foundation for literacy and social-emotional success, while also growing a love of learning.  Learning in early childhood should be an adventure for young learners and Foundations Kindergarten Bridge School offers just that!

Explicit, systematic, research-based literacy instruction is unique to this program.  Children will receive both whole group, as well as small group literacy instruction in order to ensure that all learners meet their full potential.  Literacy instruction will not end there as it will be integrated and developed throughout the school day, across content areas, to include mathematics, science, and social studies/citizenship.  Instructors will facilitate dynamic discussion and collaborative activities that target both oral and written language development, as well as the development of meta-cognitive skills needed for learning, higher-order thinking and problem solving.

Social-emotional and spiritual growth in our students is a priority at Foundations.  These themes will be integrated across content areas and will be practiced and applied in our classroom, as children will have daily opportunities to make choices, explore, create, collaborate, problem solve, discover, and play.  
Concepts such as perseverance, responsibility, good citizenship, kindness and acceptance will be taught and practiced in our school community, as well as in the larger community through child-centered service projects.     

Registration for Foundations Kindergarten Bridge School is now open.  To learn more about our program, please contact Sarah Suminski, MA, Foundations for Learning Success, Owner and Instructor.

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