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2021 Summer Literacy Classes

Summer Literacy
Enrichment Workshops
Registration is Now Open

If  you have any questions about programming and/or need assistance determining which literacy enrichment class is right for your child, please contact us.  We would love to visit with you about our programs, as well as learn about your child and his/her specific needs.  Foundations also provides individualized programming for students in need of prescriptive reading intervention and/or dyslexia intervention.

Foundations for Literacy Mini-Camp
for students bridging to 1st or 2nd Grade

Students will receive explicit, research-based instruction in the areas of phonological and phonemic awareness, handwriting, decoding, encoding, listening comprehension and critical thinking skills.  Using a scientific approach to reading instruction, students will be introduced to the reliable orthographic patterns in the English language, to include syllable types and morphemes with attention to accuracy and automaticity. 


Learners will further be exposed to a variety of rich children's literature and interactive writing experiences, as instructors lead discussion and activities that target oral and written language development, as well as the development of metacognitive skills. 

This literacy enrichment program is targeting learners entering the 1st and 2nd grades, taking into consideration present levels of performance and readiness.  

Prior to camp, parents of registered students will be asked to complete an informal literacy inventory to obtain information about your child's present levels of performance. 

Weekly Sessions Offered

Classes meet 2 times per week,1:00-2:30 

Entering 1st Grade: M/W

Entering 2nd Grade: T/Th

Rate: $135 per week (2 - 1.5 hour lessons)

Enrollment is limited to 6 students per weekly session

Foundations Reading Comprehension
and Written Composition Workshops
for students entering 3rd - 5th Grade

These weekly literacy workshops are targeting upper elementary students who are reading/decoding grade level text with increasing accuracy and fluency, but need further development in reading comprehension, metacognitive skills and written composition.  The skills that students acquire and perfect in these workshops will benefit them in school and beyond for years to come. 


Each week, students will be presented with a new and engaging age appropriate topic and text.  Multi-sensory reading comprehension strategies will be explicitly taught and applied as students read, analyze, discuss and connect with the text.  Students will further learn to annotate text to facilitate higher order thinking and comprehension.  This weekly session will then end with an extended written composition mini-lesson related to the covered text.  Students will learn to plan, organize and construct paragraphs on a given topic, with the author’s purpose in mind.  

Weekly Sessions Offered 

Classes meet for 1 hour, 2 days per week

Entering 3rd Grade: M/W - 3:00-4:00

Entering 4th Grade: T/Th - 3:00-4:00

Entering 5th grade:  T/Th - 4:30-5:30

Rate:  $90 per week (2 - 1 hour lessons)

Enrollment is limited to 6 students per weekly session

Rate: $90 per session (2 1-hour classes)

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